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'Design of War' is a book of selected posters dedicated to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The war is a challenge for Ukrainian and world society. It is a time of complex historical and political, social and cultural processes. Where do these processes find their reflection? The answer is art, particularly in its form of poster illustration. Posters are a direct manifestation of the events and ongoing processes of war. That is why we want to pay attention to poster art during the war and collect the most prominent examples from Ukrainian artists and world designers, thus forming a unique printed edition.

Why is it important?

Why is it important?

  1. Our book is like a printed monument. By collecting graphic artifacts about the war we reflect on the present and preserve it for future generations.

  2. With this book, we demonstrate the unity of the world and Ukrainian people in the face of terrible aggression and unprecedented war.

  3. The diverse collection of works by Ukrainian and international designers demonstrates that Ukraine is an integral part of the global cultural context.

  4. We also want to support the work of Aza Nizi Maza studio who initiated an art studio for children in the heart of Kharkiv subway to nurture children’s creativity even during the hardships of war. The book will help raise funds to support Aza Nizi Maza studio.




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